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Why we love saving you cash

We’ve all had that feeling. The feeling that overwhelms us before investing our hard-earned money into a new purchase. It’s the feeling that poses questions such as; Am I paying too much or is this really the best deal I can get? These are valid questions. These are also the sort of questions that led to the founding of Street Smart Financial Solutions. You see, every team member at Street Smart has multiple years experience in the automotive industry, across the many divisions that exist – from sales, to dealership management, to F&I services, to parts and servicing. It is this experience, as well as experience in having seen hundreds of clients posing the very same questions that you have, that brought us to where we are now.

where are we now?

Well, Street Smart Financial Solutions exists for the sole purpose of putting that feeling to bed, by providing you with advisory services on any and all quotes that you receive from a dealership – from new cars to vehicle service, our industry professionals analyze your quotes and find where we can save you money!

In the short period since our inception, we have saved our customers an average of R10,000 when purchasing a new vehicle!

What would you do with R10,000 and a new car?

At Street Smart, we take pride in the work that we do – so much pride in fact, that we provide all of our customers with a free vehicle quote assessment, no strings attached!

If you’d like to learn more about what we do and start saving money, you can click the “Start Saving” button on the top of your screen, or fill out a five step application. Either way, we’ll call you right back and get you the most fair deal that there is!