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Use car checklist

  1. The dealership in question, does it belong to a reputable group or does it subscribe to an accredited Motor Industry Federation?
  2. Is there still a factory warranty left on the vehicle and can the dealership give you the limitations of the warranty, you need to specifically ask for the limitations for the year the vehicle is in i.e. 1,2,3 or 4th year of the factory warranty?
  3. Ask the dealership for the proof of when the vehicle was reported to the factory along with when it was registered as the two are very different and the warranty starts from when it was reported to the factory not when the vehicle was registered?
  4. If there is an extended warranty on the vehicle you must ask if it is transferable and you need to get proof of this if you purchase the vehicle?
  5. Is it being sold for a fair price? (you can check this through the internet, “true price” is one method)
  6. Is there an authentic service history available that can be verified?
  7. Has the vehicle been in any accidents? (get this in writing if you purchase the vehicle)
  8. Does the car have low mileage? (the general rule is 15 000 per annum is good mileage)
  9. Hs the workshop done a check on the vehicle? (If so get proof, if not insist on a 108-point check to be done)
  10. Are there signs of oil leaks and rust?
  11. Are there dashboard cracks? (this could indicate that the car has been in standing in the sun, and might mean that the other rubbers-such as window rubbers-are also damaged.)