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What will the F&I manager offer?

Here are the products you will likely encounter in the F&I office. It is impossible to list one or name all available or even give you the exact pricing, however one thing to keep in mind: The price on nearly all these products are negotiable, so feel free to make a lower offer or ask for a discount.

Extended Warranty

This warranty kicks in after your new-car warranty has expired. It is also one of the most expensive items the F&I manager will offer you. Prices can vary widely depending on the vehicle, coverage and brand.
Not sure if you need the warranty? Ask yourself these questions to help weigh the pros and cons.If you do choose to buy a warranty, you’ll want to stick with the manufacturer’s product and stay away from third-party warranties.
Bear in mind you can purchase and extended warranty at any time until the new-car warranty expires which can buy you some extra time to think about it and shop for a better price.

Maintenance plans

GAP Insurance (Top Up or Shortfall)

It’s a sad fact that if you buy a brand-new car, its value drops by a third as soon as you drive it off the forecourt and will fall by 40% in the first year and up to 60% over three years on average, according to AA.


While your vehicle financier can demand that you take out insurance before they will offer you credit, it cannot force you to join a certain insurance company. When buying a car, the dealership might offer insurance as an add-on, but you have a right to shop around for the best rates. By comparing insurance quotes from different providers, you may not have to pay for coverage you don’t need, and you could save hundreds of rans a year.